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  南京朗阁2018年10月托福考试写作预测(独立写作篇)  独立写作  1 Do you agree or disagree with the following statemen



  1. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A university should focus more on its facilities, such as libraries, computers or laboratory, rather than on hiring famous teachers.


  The tertiary education has long been the center of public attention. Some educators argue that compared with professors and lecturers, advanced school facilities should be given more emphasis. It may sound reasonable at first glance, but if you take a closer look, it is the quality of staff that determines a university.

  For one thing, not only do teachers impart knowledge, but they also offer inspiration. To purely pass on knowledge, a human may be no better than a machine or high-tech equipment. The difference, however, lies in the potential inspiration and creativity stimulated by renowned teachers’ experience. Take my favorite professor Edward for instance. Apart from teaching in our business school, he also owned a famous counseling firm. Whenever he came to class, Edward would raise tough cases for discussion and shared with the class his experience and solutions. Thanks to his real-life cases, I got the hang of many business rules and marketing strategies. That’s something a mediocre lecturer or a piece of equipment can never achieve.



  For another, universities with illustrious teachers tend to have higher graduate employment rates. It is not hard to imagine teachers with connections can give students a competitive edge in job hunting. Recent studies have shown a strong correlation between the quality of professors and job prospects. For example, a politically-connected professor can help land an intern job in the mayor’s office. Similarly, a law student would stand a better chance of making partners if his college mentor happens to be on the board. By contrast, students swamped in labs or libraries would have to realize that you need a platform to show the world what you’ve got. A well-connected professor is someone who can open up that opportunity for you.

  It is not to say universities should completely ignore equipment and facilities.Spacious and bright libraries do offer students an ideal place to work on papers; computer centers also help foster a self-governed way of learning. However, such school equipment is more of a luxury than a necessity. Students managed fine before the advent of the cutting-edge technologies, but they still needed great teachers for enlightenment. If the equipment failed tomorrow, students could still learn by hearing lectures and attending discussions. On the other hand, if good teachers were gone tomorrow, students would end up learning very little.

  All in all, despite its instrumental role in facilitating learning, facilities fail to generate more practical merits to students. Recruitment of talented teachers, on the other hand, deserves more attention.

  2. Which is the most important thing for a political leader to ensure the prosperity of a country:

  1) Creating more jobs

  2) Increasing agriculture and lowering food prices

  3) Increasing access to affordable housing


  It takes more than charismatic leadership to prosper a nation. Instead, the administration has to employ all sorts of measures ranging from economic boost to housing subsidies, and I think creating more jobs would be on top of the priority list.

  First, more jobs can bring vitality to the economy. Needless to say, getting laid off would be a real blow for anyone. If the government fails to open up the job prospect for such individuals, they will end up being jobless and living on a limited budget. In that case, they will be forced to curtail living expenses. For example, a former middle-class family are now less likely to dine in fancy restaurants or purchase high-end items like they used to. Therefore, higher jobless rate means lower consumption power, which puts a hold on the national economy. In contrast, people will fare better if the government offers on-job training, unemployment benefits or start-up privileges. As long as more job opportunities are available to the public , people will be both willing and able to raise their living standard, such as upgrading the home theater, buying a RV for family road trip or investing in personal hobbies, all of which is conducive to the local economic growth.

  Second, more job opportunities can create security and stability. An administration cannot ensure prosperity without standing up for its people in times of hardships. With job-boosting policies, the public will be willing to start up businesses and generate profound incomes in their hometown, therefore creating a stable and harmonious social atmosphere. Take the contemporary China for instance. The recent years has witnessed a boom in young entrepreneurs from all walks of life and a decline in emigration rates. The major reason lies in a newly minted government policy. It does away with government red tapes and enables the college graduates to take out loans with more ease, which encourages the youth to start their own businesses. Decades ago, when people felt their future career could be at stake, they would explore options abroad to counter the crisis. However, when job issues have been taken care of, people will feel content and secured.

  So why food subsidies and affordable housing didn’t make the list? Some would argue the increasingly high food costs and surging house prices have troubled quite a few. But truth be told, these problems won’t be an issue if unemployment has become a thing of the past. With a decent job and a generous salary, people will be able to afford well-balanced meals and well-furnished residence. So when the government keeps things in the right direction, one measure can serve multiple purposes.

  3. A/D: the reading chosen by students on their own is more important than the reading assigned by teachers.

  解题思路:the reading chosen by students on their own

  When it comes to the choice of reading materials, opinions vary from person to person. Some educators advocate offering children guidance about what to read while others maintain they should be given the permission to decide for themselves. I’d go for the latter view.

  First off, students will be more motivated when they get to pick the book in question. Sure, teachers may have a lot to offer, but their recommendations usually have been covered in reference materials or learning sessions. Other than that, children should also be encouraged to explore their own options. A history buff will find it fascinating to read Unsolved Mystery, but a tech-savvy kid won’t appreciate it unless it is something about programming and coding. That’s because only when the book centers on what they truly care about can they enjoy the whole experience. Isn’t it the point of reading? To offer a temporary escape. A chance to relax and unwind. However, if teachers spoon feed what they think is right without giving children a say, chances are children would develop an aversion to reading, which would counteract the whole purpose of education. So reading won’t be pleasurable for children unless it is of their passion.

  Another benefit of allowing children to read according to their own preference is to cultivate learning autonomy. If children are raised in an environment where the lunchbox is packed by mom, science project aided by dad and books picked by teachers, they won’t be able to fend for themselves when they reach adulthood. So when children are being asked to pick a book theme of their own interest, they are encouraged to follow their own heart, which has a vital part to play in decision-making independence. That’s how children learn to make their own judgement without blindly following the crowd or conforming to authority. Plus, after they are done with the reading, the teacher can get the class to exchange their own favorite pick with one another. In this way, the class will piece together a diverse collection, ranging from science fiction to art history. In classroom management, autonomy and diversity can be a good pair to go hand in hand.

  To conclude, letting children to decide on what to read is a good way to develop reader motivation and independence.

  4. A/D As modern life becomes more complex, it is essential for young people to have the ability to plan and organize.


  As modern world becomes increasingly complicated, young people are required to be versatile to achieve success in their life or career. Thus, people are beginning to discuss about which abilities are essential for the young generation. Some people point out that the ability to plan and organize plays a fundamental role in helping young people survive this highly competitive society, and I believe this without a doubt. My reasons and examples are given below.

  To begin with, the ability to plan enhances working efficiency when youngsters are dealing with endless tasks. As is known to all, today’s young people have to deal with far greater number of tasks than people did in the past. If one lacks the ability to plan, he would drown in tons of jobs, because things keep popping out all the time. Taking a modern college student for example, he usually has plenty of work to do, but time is always pressing. In a short period of time, he may have to handle a term paper, earn extra credits by playing the role as a teaching assistant, and search for an internship program. Under such a circumstance, a good plan can clearly help him allocate his time and energy well, which guarantees an efficient accomplishment of all the tasks.

  In addition, the ability to organize enables young people to make better use of accessible resources to help them achieve goals. In modern world, one cannot achieve anything without resources such as social connections, funds or information. More importantly, these resources only work when being integrated together in a proper way. For example, my cousin, the head of a college photography club, his club has gained in popularity from the public, which is absolutely attributed to his excellent ability to organize. He once held a successful photography exhibition on campus. Before that, he mobilized every member to pitch in for this activity, and settled the fund issue by finding some sponsors outside the campus.

  Admittedly, I am not denying the fact that there are other important abilities that young people should possess: the ability to express themselves, the ability to make new friends, or to the ability to empathize with others. However, as I mentioned before, the ability to plan and organize plans a fundamental role in young people’s lives or work. The two essential abilities are like the cornerstone on which other abilities are built.

  From what has been discussed above, we can draw a conclusion that the development of the ability to plan and organize is of vital importance to young people at present times. It is because the ability to plan improves our efficiency of handling tasks, and the ability to organize helps us optimize the use of resources around us.

  5. A/D Today’s people are better in protecting environment than people in the past.


  With the rapid development of economy, environmental issues are getting increasingly prominent, and modern people’s lives seem to be seriously affected by environmental pollution. However, it is commonly believed that even so, today’s people are still better in protecting environment than those in the past. As for me, I cannot agree more. My reasons and examples are given below.

  In the first place, today’s people possess more advanced technologies to deal with environmental problems. As is known to all, the remarkable progress in science and technology make it more effective to reduce environmental pollution. By contrast, in the past, people could do nothing about environmental deterioration due to the lack of technology. For example, in the past, with the flourish of automobile industry, the emission of vehicles caused severe air pollution inside a city, but nowadays, things have totally changed: the popularity of electricity-driven cars makes the city cleaner.

  In the second place, with the significant increase in people’s awareness of environmental protection, it is never a hard task to protect the environment. Decades ago, everyone wanted to get rich without paying attention to environment, so the environment fell victim to high-speed economic development. On the contrary, having seen the bad consequences of environmental destruction, today’s people have come to realize the importance of environmental protection. International conferences on environmental issues are held frequently across the world like United Nation Climate Change Conference and many important protocols are signed such as Kyoto Protocol, which is a reflection of modern human beings’ determination in protecting the environment.

  Admittedly, some environment-destroying behaviors still exist, especially in less developed areas. Some enterprises discharge waste water into the river and waste gas into the air, and some local governments just turn a blind eye for the sake of economic benefits. However, since environmental issues are closely related to the survival of human beings, almost all countries in the world have realized the seriousness of the problem and begin to take effective measures. With the advancement of awareness and technology, I believe, the situation is going to be changed for the better.

  In conclusion, modern people are obviously better in protecting the environment than people in the past. It is not only because we now have much more advanced technologies, but also because our awareness of environmental protection has been elevated.

  6. Which one is the most important for teacher of high school?

  -the ability to help students plan for their future;

  -the ability to find the students who need the most help and to give that help;

  -the ability to encourage students to learn on their own outside of the classroom.

  解题思路:选择第二个,the ability to find the students who need the most help and give that help

  ① 绝大多数高中生很难自己找到自身的问题(The vast majority of high school students have trouble finding out their own problems on study.)。因为他们往往还不够心智成熟(due to immature mentality),不能够去主动发现自己的学习上的关键问题和需求(key issues and needs)。即便发现了问题(even if the problems can be found out on their own),因为缺乏经验(lack of experience),也不一定能及时找到方法去解决(timely and effective solutions might not come out easily)。而且高中生往往不好意思去展示自己的薄弱之处(embarrassed to show their weakness),也就不会主动向老师请教(turn to the teachers for help and advice )。所以,老师能够及时发现需要帮助的学生并给与有效帮助是非常必要的。

  ② 老师主动给有需要的学生提供帮助能够提高学生的学习兴趣和信心(improve students’ learning interest and confidence)。得到老师热心主动的帮助,学生会觉得备受关怀和鼓舞(With the help of the teacher, the students will feel being concern and encouraged), 尤其对于需要帮助的学生,可以从新燃起学习的希望和热情(renewing their hope and enthusiasm on study, especially for those who need most help)。

  ③ 让步段:诚然,学生对未来需要有一个好的规划,但是对于高中生而言,最直接需要考虑的未来就是高考或者说是大学的选择(what they need to consider first about their future is to perform well in the college entrance exam, which determines their choice of college)。这个目标很明确(a clear goal),并且本质(essence)还是要获得好的学习成绩(achieve good scores),那么仍然是需要老师给予帮助。独立学习能力也确实是一个重要的品质,但是这个完全可以在大学四年的学习中得到更好更自由的发展,而对于并不足够成熟的高中生(immature high school students),自己独立学习很容易走弯路(it makes students take a tortuous road to study by themselves),影响学习效率(decreasing study efficiency)。

  7. Some people believe going on field trips is better for child’s education, while others think it is better for children to study in the classroom at school. Which one do you prefer, and explain why.

  解题思路:选择going on field trips is better

  ① 课外拓展首先可以很好的激发学生学习的兴趣(motivate the students to learn)。因为学生能看到外面世界的多面性(introduce young kids to new aspects of the outside world),比如关于某些特定的学科,比如艺术,音乐,以及一些古典文化,学生在课外可以看到很多影像,这样的话,学生精神上会更兴奋也更集中(capture the images, mentally exited and thus more concentrated )。举例论证:如果在学校学习一种建筑风格(style of architecture),老师只是展示图片(show images),学生没法身临其境,导致学生失去兴趣(lose interests),同时也没法感受此种建筑风格的真正魅力(real charm),从而减弱了教学效果。

  ② 课外拓展同时对于学生的身心健康也很有帮助(be mentally and physically beneficial to the students.) 。学生不必坐在课桌前疯狂完成所有课程,而在此过程中,不正当的姿势(improper posture)会导致学生的视力下降,以及身形的变形(decline in the eyesight and distortion in the backbone)。此外,一味枯燥的校内课业压力也会让学生,尤其处于青春期有逆反心理的学生(adolescent psychological inversion),产生厌学(tired of learning)的心理问题。适当走出校门,学生的思路则被打开(mind be opened),身体也没有被束缚在一个小小的教室(restricted in a narrow area),而这些都是对发育期的学生们非常好,非常重要的。

  ③ 让步段: 尽管在学校里面学习也是不可缺少的(be indispensable),因为在学校里,可以在老师的指导下系统地学习知识(acquire information and perceive knowledge systematically under the instruction of teachers)。很多学科都是以理论为基础的(based mainly on theories or principles),我们不需要学习任何有关的学术背景(scientific background)就能快速习得知识并应用(rapidly perceive the knowledge and learn to apply),举例论证:比如数学。对学生来说,学习数学的历史背景对于了解公式定理(mathematical rules and formulations) 并没有太大帮助,而这样的课程完全可以在学校高效的完成(manage to learn efficiently in school)。但是,随着年纪和学习阶段的不断提升(the increase of age and level of learning),孩子会学习到越来越多的非理论型的/偏向实际应用型和艺术创作类课程,为了让孩子有更全面的发展(integrated development),走出教室和学校一定是必然的趋势(inevitable trend)。

  8. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Rather than help their children do school work, parents should encourage their children to do work independently.

  解题思路:选择同意,encourage children to do work independently好。

  ① Doing school work independently is a good opportunity to review what students have learned in class. 解释:without the help of parents, children为了完成作业,不得不自己亲自去再次复习回忆学校课堂里学习的理论(theories)、方法(methods)、公式(formulae)、例子(examples)等内容,甚至在父母的鼓励下,能够主动的去整理所学知识(organize what they have learned)。

  ② Children can be more independently overall. 解释:习惯了独立学习之后(after being used to studying by their own),孩子渐渐地就会懂得遇到问题时(run up against roadblocks)主动寻求(seek for)解决问题的方法,而不是(instead of)依赖于别人的帮助(rely on the help from others)。

  ③ 让步段:some may stress that assisting children with their homework is far different from simply offer help for study. Actually, this is the precious parent-child time(亲子时间) for busy parents to get closer to children and know how children perform in school. The children perhaps are willing to share some little secrets deep in heart. Sounds sweet, right? However, the truth would possibly be far from(远非,完全不) sweet. After wrestling with(努力克服,全力对付) all sorts of thorny problems at workplace, the exhausted parents possibly tend to be out of patience, especially when they find that their children even fail to solve an easy question. These impatient adults are likely to lose their temper and take their anger on the innocent children.

  9. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? It is more important for the government to spend more money on art museums and music performance centers than on recreational facilities(like playgrounds, public swimming pool).


  ① Art museums and music performance centers可以给当地政府带来持续稳定且数目可观的收入(a source of steady and considerable income)。解释:这些场地可以用来举办各类艺术展和明星演唱会, which is attractive to not only local residents but also tourists and fans from other places.

  ② 比起public recreational facilities, art museums and music performance centers能够带来更多的就业岗位(employment positions)。解释:这些场馆需要长期的管理和工作人员(long-term staffs to manage and maintain)。并且,展览和演唱会等活动的不断举办也会促进相关产业的发展(stimulate the development of relevant industries)。

  ③ 让步:诚然,constructing recreational facilities is also beneficial to citizens, 比如,确实public swimming pools and playgrounds provide easy access for citizens to participate in sport activities and to relax with a lower price。但是art museum and music centers benefit both the public and the government。并且,人们在看exhibition 和 music performance的时候不仅也可以得到很好的放松,还能acquire more cultural knowledge, improve their aesthetic appreciation。

  10. Nowadays, children rely too much on the technology, like computers, smart phone, video games, for fun and entertainment. Playing simpler toys or playing outside with friends would be better for the children’s development.


  ① 和朋友一起玩儿,或者去室外玩儿,有助于孩子的身体健康和发育。Playing with friends, especially playing outside, can be beneficial to children’s physical development. 和小伙伴们出去玩儿,无论是追逐嬉戏还是玩一些体育活动(Playing with friends outside, whether chasing and romping or doing sports games),都是在给孩子们更多的运动机会。肯定会促进骨骼发育(promote body development and healthy bone growth),缓解学习带来的眼部疲劳等(refresh eyes/ release the eye strain from long-time study)。举例说明。

  ② 和朋友们一起参加户外活动可以促进我们的交流能力(communication skills)和人际交往能力(the development of one’s interpersonal skills)。和朋友一起玩儿,难免会有矛盾的产生(some contradictions and conflicts are inevitable during games),小朋友可以在这些矛盾的解决过程中可以逐渐学会通过良好的沟通解决问题的能力。还有一些合作的小游戏或比赛(there are also some games needing cooperation,which promotes team spirit)。这些肯定都能锻炼孩子的人机交往能力。

  ③ 让步:确实,有些人认为通过电子设备玩游戏也可以使孩子们放松,能够让孩子有很好的视听感受(audio-visual experience),甚至通过网络或游戏了解国外文化(foreign culture)。但是,孩子容易上瘾,长时间沉迷游戏会影响身体健康和学习。并且,在这些电子游戏娱乐中,往往会有一些不适合儿童的内容,对儿童心理健康造成影响。

  11. Some people like cooking and eating at homes while others like eating in the restaurants. Which one do you prefer?


  (一)prefer eating at homes

  首先,在家里吃饭可以为我们的身体健康提供保障(provide guarantees for our health)。在家里自己买菜做饭可以确保食材新鲜(ensure vegetables and fruits fresh),摄入均衡的营养(a balanced nutritional diet)。外面的餐厅,尤其是价格便宜的餐厅,不能够保证食材卫生安全(safety and sanitation),经常食用的话会有食物中毒(the possibility of food poisoning)的可能。

  ‚其次,在家里吃饭经济划算(economical),减少花销(reduce daily expense)。很多成本很低(low cost)的菜品,但是在饭店要算上服务员的工资,房租、水电等费用之后(the fee of waiters, rent and utilities),就会卖到很贵的价格(charge a surprising high price),价格远远超过(far exceed)这个菜品本身的价值。所以没有必要去支付这些不必要的开销(pay for unnecessary expenses)。比如,在餐厅吃一顿要花费200美元,但是如果拿这些钱买菜做饭的话可以吃上几天。(For example, you spend 200 dollars on a supper in the restaurant, but if the money were used to buy meats, eggs and vegetables to cook meals, you would not need to worry about what to eat in a few days.)

  ƒ最重要的是(Last but not the least),在家里做饭可以获得成就感和满足感(a sense of achievement and satisfactory)。享受到生活的乐趣(enjoy the life)。通过一家人吃饭的方式可以沟通问题,交流感情,使得家庭生活更加和睦美满(more harmony and enjoyable)。

  (二)prefer eating in the restaurants

  首先,在餐厅吃饭可选择性大(have more choices),品味到各种各样的美食(opportunity to taste various foods)。餐厅一般都会有厚厚的(thick)菜单,琳琅满目(assorted/dazzling)的菜品供消费者进行选择。比如,在异域餐厅(foreign restaurants)吃饭还可以品味到异域风格(exotic foods)的食物。而在家里吃饭相比较而言可选择的余地就比较小,只能根据菜场上能够买到的食材做饭。

  ‚ 其次,在餐厅/饭店吃饭方便快捷(convenient),节约时间成本(time-saving)。现在,尤其是在大城市(metropolis),快节奏的生活(fast-paced life)和繁重的压力(overwhelming pressure)使得人们没有心情去买菜做饭,而是选择方便快捷的餐厅。在餐厅吃饭不用自己动手,节约了买菜洗菜做饭的时间,这样会使得自己的工作和生活更加有效率(more efficient)。

  ƒ 满足不同消费群体的需要(cater to different consuming groups),提供到不同的氛围(atmosphere/environment),不同的餐厅可以满足不同的需要,比如有的餐厅适合情侣约会(couples dating),有的比较正式一点的餐厅(formal restaurant)适合商务谈判(business negotiation)。而在家里做菜吃饭就没有这优势。

  12. The city wants to provide trainings for teachers, whose students are from 14-18. There are two choices: (1) sending small group of teachers to learn from an expert, and let them train other teachers in school later. (2) asking all teachers to get trained online.

  解题思路:choose: (2) asking all teachers to get trained online.

   可以节省开支。(save a large amount of money)因为省去了排老师实地学习(get trained on the spot),还有回来再培训其他老师的一系列开支 (a series of payments)。 如果大家都可以在网上培训那么学校基本没有开支,除了最基本的一些课程培训费用。(training course)+可用实验对比论证

  ‚ 可以节省时间,提高整体效率。(more effective)因为免去了路途奔波的时间和二次培训的时间(times on the way and the time of re-treatment).同时老师们可以自己选择最适合自己的培训时间(flexible time),极大的提高了时间的利用效率(the utilization efficiency。这样对学校和老师是一件双赢的事情。(win-win event)+可以用实例论证。

  ƒ 可以减少资源的消耗——环保(environmental friendly)。因为网上培训可以减少许多不必要的资源浪费(waste of resource),例如;纸张,交通资源的浪费(the public transportation)。作为一个新世纪的环保人士,我们要爱护和保护我们的环境,减少资源浪费。+可以用一些新闻等例子论证,十分强有力。

  13. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Modern agriculture methods damage the environment, but providing food for the growing population around the world is more important than protecting the environment.



   让步段:众所周知,由动物和植物组成的复杂的生态环境,对我们的日常生活至关重要,为我们提供了新鲜的水资源,清新的空气和各种各样丰富的资源。如果我们不保护环境的话,我们的健康会受到威胁,身体素质可能会下降。但是,和这些比起来,用现代农业方法养活与日俱增的人口更重要。原因如下:

  (As we know, wild animals together with wild plants consist of a complex ecological environment, which is significant to our daily life, providing clean water, fresh air and various resources. If our shared environment is not protected well, the severe air and water pollution will threaten our lives. Compared with worse health conditions of humans, however, providing food for the growing population around the world is more important. And the reasons for this statement are as follows.)

  ‚ 保护环境固然重要,但是保护环境的主体是人类,是人类做出的这项举措,如果人类因为保护环境而缺少食物没有办法养活与日俱增的人口的话,那么生命的价值就没有得到重视和保护,保护环境的倡议也是毫无意义的。+举例

  (Undoubtedly, it is more and more pressing for us to protect the environment, but it is humans instead of other creatures in the world who can protect it. If the increasing people are starved dead because of environment protecting, the meaning and value of lives will be neglected. Furthermore, the proposal of environmental sustainability makes no sense. )

  ƒ 自然资源是环境的重要组成部分,但是如果不被人类加以利用的话,将会被浪费,永远发挥不了其价值。比如说可耕地面积,如果一味地以保护环境为借口任由荒废的话,不开发利用来养活更多人口的话,那么可耕种的土地将会极大的失去了其存在的意义。

  (As an inseparable part of environment, natural resources will be wasted and never shows its significance unless it is utilized by humans. Take arable lands for example. In case that we do not cultivate the fertile lands so as to feed more population around the world,the lands’ meaning will lose.)

  14. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

  Company should pay for the employees to get degree in the university.



  可以为公司带来巨大的效益(generate enormous profits for the company)。因为这个政策让员工感受到他们是被重视的(This policy allows employees to feel that they are part of the enterprise),从而增加员工工作的热情(give employees impetus to work),因此更努力地为公司创造收益 (exert themselves to generate revenue for the company )。举例论证

  ‚ 可以吸引更多优秀的人才来为公司效力(can attract more elite people to serve the company)。因为这一政策将会提升员工的能力(contribute greatly to employees’ further improvement),对员工自身的发展有好处(It is good for staffs' own development),从而吸引更多的人才。举例论证

  ƒ 让步段:确实,公司为员工支付学费会给公司的财政预算带来巨大的压力(Admittedly, pay for the employees to get degree will bring tremendous pressure on the company’s budget. )。会在短期之内消耗巨大的资金和劳动力 (After all, the policy will consume intensive labor and funds)。但是,公司可以通过员工对公司做出的实质贡献所带来的收益来弥补这部分的开支 (the company can cover the expenditure via these profits brought by concrete contribution of employees to the company )。

  15. A high school gives the eleventh grade students two different tasks to be finished during their two-month summer holiday. One is to have university-level courses for their future majors. Another is to travel to museums of arts and historical places with the guidance of teacher and to write an essay after their travels. Which one do you prefer?


   让步段:在进入大学分专业系统学习之前,对各个学科进行一个基本了解是非常有必要的,可以让学生更加快速的适应大学的课程设置和基本知识。但是,个人还是同意去参观博物馆、历史遗迹等景点更加得具有价值和意义。

  (Admittedly, it is crucial for students to have a basic knowledge of different courses in university because students can accommodate college curriculum provision quickly. In my opinion, however, I prefer the latter idea, for it is more meaning and more valuable to each student.)

  ‚ 参观这些历史建筑,可以让学生积累文化的底蕴。学习不光是学习课本上的知识的过程,更应该是增加文化底蕴、文化涵养的过程。通过这一做法,可以让学生找到学习的原因和动力,从而更加有利于以后的学习。+具体论证

  (Travelling to museums of arts and historical places can increase the cultural deposits of high school students who are going to attend university. Learning is a process during which students can not only learn formal knowledge from books but also accumulate and improve their cultural enrichment. By doing so, students can find out the reasons why they have to study, which is conductive to their future study. )

  ƒ 走访历史古迹和博物馆可以培养学生的各方面的兴趣,而不是成为一个无趣的人。参观博物馆可以学习到很多课本上学习不到的知识,在这个过程中,学生各个方面的兴趣得以培养,从而成长为全面且博学的人。最后通过写文章的方式记录下来,不仅锻炼了自己的文字表达能力,这是做学术的基本,更为以后自己的人生留下了一份珍贵的回忆。+具体论证。

  (The various interests of students can be cultivated by visiting to different museums and historical places, so students can grow up into interesting and knowledgeable adults instead of boring men. During their visits, they can learn knowledge that could never be heard from books. After their trips, they use essays to recount these precious memory and the ability to write essay is essential to every student who aims to achieve success in academic field.)

  16. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing sports teaches people important lessons about life.


  坚持不懈的品质。Playing sports teaches people a precious quality, perseverance(坚持不懈,不屈不挠). 解释:我们在运动中会面对很多的很困难(face various tough situations),而在运动赛事中,最基本的规则之一就是坚持到底(one of the most basic rules is to carry on to the end)。不到终点,没人知道谁会赢家(no one knows who will win until the end),并且不论输赢,坚持到底就是战胜自己内心的恐惧(and no matter win or lose, to hold on straight to the end proves the ability to overcome the fear in heart)。同理(in the same way),在生活中遇到困难的时候,从体育活动中学会的这种坚持的精神(such spirit of perseverance learned from sports)能帮助人们坚持下去。举例说明。

  ‚谦虚稳重的性格培养。Modesty is also a valuable character that can be cultivated from sports. 解释:体育活动中,失败往往不一定是由于能力不足造成的(Failure tend not to be the result of lack of ability)。而是由于骄傲自满,轻敌的心理造成的(Instead, it is sometimes the result of arrogance and underestimating enemies)。同样的,生活中,谦逊使人更容易取得成功。比如:有经验的运动员(experienced athletes)会因为他们的轻敌(treat others lightly)在大型比赛像奥林匹克(Olympic Games)这样的赛事中遭遇失败(suffer failures),遗憾地与奖牌失之交臂(brush against gold medals regretfully)。

  ƒ团队合作。Playing sports teaches people how to work as a team。解释:大部分的体育赛事(most sports events)需要完美地配合(cooperation excellently)去赢得比赛。积极参与这些体育活动(Taking an active part in these sports),毫无疑问会懂得如何与他人合作与相处(one can undoubtedly learn how to cooperate and get alone with others)。这种合作能力在我们的工作生活中非常重要(this ability of cooperation plays an important role in work and life)。举例:在工作中,我们需要合作(cooperation)来帮助我们更有效率地完成一件工作(work is done in a more efficient way)。在学习上,互相合作帮助我们分别提升自己的成绩(improve our performance on study),并培养了良好的同学关系(establish a close bond among students)。

  17. The university club want to help others,if you are a member of them, you only could undertake one project this year. which following would you prefer to choose?To help students at a nearby primary school with reading and mathematics;build house for people who cannot buy or rent;visit and assist the elderly people with daily tasks.

  如选择to help students at a nearby primary school with reading and mathematics这一个方面,思路剖析如下:

  教小学生阅读和数学可以培养我们的交流沟通能力(communication skills)和人际交往能力(the development of one’s interpersonal skills)

  ‚Not only can the students of primary school learn some knowledge about reading and mathematics, but also we can learn some knowledge which we have not known before.(在教授小学生的时候,我们也可以学到一些以前可能不知道的知识)

  ƒ教小学生阅读和数学也可以培养我们的耐心(the character of patience),这对我们未来的工作,生活,学习都有好处.

  18.Which option do you prefer? Travel to foreign countries when you are young or when you are older.



  First, more activities can be accessible when we are young. 年轻时身体比较好(in better physical state),而且抵抗力强身体恢复快(resistant andresilient),所以能尝试更多activities。很难想象有多少人在50岁之后还能去土耳其玩滑翔伞(go paragliding),或去尼泊尔登山(go hiking or even mountain-climbing in Nepal),或去新西兰蹦极(go bungee jumping),很明显,年纪大了再出国玩会少了很多乐趣;

  ‚Furthermore,年轻时出国可以让自己变得更加有远见(visionary)。众所周知,出国旅游可以broaden our horizons,这对于年轻人来说是especially crucial的,因为这些经历可能给年轻人的未来带来很深远的影响(profound influences),比如在去过了Harvard的校园之后,可能会make their decision to study abroad,去过著名的Michelin用餐后,可能会get more inspiration about how to improve his own business,如果年纪大了再去,即使也会被inspired,但也很难put these ideas into practice,所以不难得出结论这些对于年轻人的影响明显比老年人大得多;


  19. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Visiting museums is the best way to learn about a country.


  It is better to work in a group.




  (主体段1)中心句:First of all, there is no denying that paying a visit to a museum teaches people a great deal about a nation's past. 解释句:Touring around a history museum is just like going on a magical journey(奇幻旅程) through the ages. Such an unforgettable experience allows one to return to the remote past in person and witness what was happening. There is much to be learned and memorized. 举例论证:The world-renowned(世界知名的)Palace Museum of China, also known as the Forbidden City, is attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each day. The very site served as(充当……)the home of 24 emperors and their households as well as the ceremonial and political center of Chinese government for more than 500 years. Over a million artefacts are on display in this museum. UNESCO(联合国教科文组织) put it on the list of the World Cultural Heritage Sites. The Forbidden City could be a very good place for people to learn and understand China's past. In fact, museums of this kind, like the British Museum, the Canadian War Museum and so forth, can be found in many major cities around the globe. Each of them presents a unique history of its nation.

  ‚(主体段2)中心句:Secondly, visiting museums can also provide people with ample knowledge(丰富的知识) about the present magnificence of a country(一个国家的现世辉煌). 解释句:Ranging from art and science to agriculture, museums truly cover a vast area. 举例论证:For instance, in science museums, demonstrations, interactive programs(互动项目) are adopted to(被采用) introduce important scientific achievements. Visitors are given the opportunity to probe deeper into(探索) the world of science and experience its marvels. Evidently(显然), this educational and meaningful tour will be a cherished memory(宝贵的记忆) for a long time. Museums of modern art are also worth a visit. With a large collection of paintings, folk art, sculptures, ceramics and metalwork, art galleries present colorful aspects of the country's cultures. Just like an open gate, museums invite people into a paradise of knowledge.

  ƒ(让步段)让步:Admittedly, in addition to museum visits, there are also other ways to learn about a country. For example, reading books, local newspapers and magazines, watching news broadcasts on TV and seeing documentary films(记录片) could be some alternatives(替代方式). 打压:However, comparatively, visiting museums proves to be a more direct way.

  20. The most important thing that the government should do to improve the health care is to clean the environment.

  题型:绝对词 话题:政府类 解题方法:提出另外2~3种更好的解决方式

  主题句:First of all, the government should pay more attention to ameliorate(改善) the poverty issue(贫困问题) in our country. 解释句/对比论证:Although a clean environment is an important condition of health care, there are however more and more people who do not have sufficient food in our society, which means those poor people do not take in enough nutrition(没有足够的成长). Therefore, they may not grow well and become sick easily. 结束句:That's why I am convinced that improving the poverty issue should be given more consideration by the government.

  ‚主题句:In addition, the government should take health-care education into account(考虑卫生保健教育). 解释句:The reason being, that teaching the public how to stave off viruses is also as significant as the clean environment problem. Since each disease has its unique feature, people have to learn how to quickly identify those diseases.举例论证: For example, AIDS is a common disease around the world, and this kind of virus has no connection with environment. Therefore, the government should educate the public that the best way to avoid this disease is to have safe sex. 结束句:There is no gainsaying (不可否认的是)that the government have to take health-care education far more seriously than helping clean the environment.

  ƒWith the reasons above, I hold that the clean environment issues should not be put in the limelight(不应该备受瞩目). That is not to say of course that other points of view are completely without merit. 重申立场:However, I think the reasons which I have provided in favor of my viewpoint are much stronger.

  21. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? People who have learned many different skills are more likely to success than those who focus on learning only one skill.


  选择:People who have learned many different skills are more likely to success than those who focus on learning only one skill.

  ① 具有多种技能可以在职业发展中有更多的选择(a variety of distinct skills provide individual with more choices in career development)。

  解释:现在的社会竞争压力大(competitive pressure), 许多行业因为没有办法满足消费者的需要(consumer demands)而被迫关门(collapse),因此如果这些员工不掌握多门的技术,他们很容易失业(lost their jobs),相反,如果他们掌握不同的技术,他们会灵活的来适应各种环境(flexible to adjust to the situation),更容易成功。

  ② 具备多种技能有助于塑造一个人全面发展的个性(all-round development),使我们具备更多成功的特质(qualities)。

  解释:数学和物理使得我们学会理性分析(rational analysis),艺术让我们更加高贵(gentleness),文学让我们更感性(sensible)。

  ③ 拥有多种技能可以更好的帮助我们克服(overcome)成功道路上的困难(obstacles)。解释: 在成功的过程中,我们会遇到关于管理(management)的问题,关于财务(finance)的问题,关于人事(personnel administration)的问题,如果我们可以掌握这么多技能,那么我们就可以轻易解决许多的问题,而不是依赖(depend on)他人。

  22. A high school has decided that all students must take a class in which they learn a practical skill. School administrators are trying to decide whether to hold a class in cooking, managing personal finances or auto repair. Which do you think the school should require students to take? Why?


  ① 可以提升学生的节约意识(raise the awareness of saving money)。解释:现在很多的高中生都备受家人宠爱(be spoiled),家长总是试图满足他们的需求(satisfy their needs)。因此这些被宠坏的孩子(pampered kids)甚至不知道该如何省钱。理财可以让他们意识到赚钱和理财并非易事。

  ② 可以增加孩子在未来获得财富上成功的可能性(increase the odds for students to gain financial success)。有理财能力的人更容易获得大量财富(acquire much wealth),理财课恰好能帮助学生为获得这种能力打下坚实的基础(lay a solid foundation for having such ability)。

  ③ 让步段:另外两个选项也有一定的价值(the other two options are also of certain values)。烹饪课可以培养孩子的独立性,帮助他们健康饮食(allow them to eat more healthily);汽车维修可以锻炼孩子的动手能力(practical ability)。但是这两种课程都有缺点:烹饪课上,孩子会因为用火不当而造成严重的后果(the inappropriate use of fire could cause a severe consequence);另外,现在汽车的质量都很好,很少需要维修,而且去专业维修站自理也很方便。

  23. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Competition between friends usually negatively impacts friendships.


  ① Firstly, there is nothing wrong with healthy competition between friends.朋友间的良性竞争并不是件坏事。一般来说,积极的竞争(positive competition)对人们很多有好处:激励你更努力地工作,积极奋斗(motivating you to work harder and strive for more)。正如孔子所言:“三人行,必有我师焉。”(Friends are more beneficial who are better than you, one way or another);

  ② Furthermore, friends strengthen their bonds through competition. 竞争可以加固友谊。诚然,朋友间会彼此竞争,但也会彼此帮助击败其他竞争对手(friends also help each other to beat other competitors),这样会使友谊更加坚固。可举身边朋友的例子或者是运动员之间互相帮助的例子:跳水运动员等

  ③ 让步段:Trying to be better than your friends at everything might not be so healthy, though.比如:夹杂着愤怒和嫉妒的竞争会使友谊受到重创(a friendship could be severely damaged by competition, invariably mixed with rage and/or jealousy),而有时这些情绪又难以消化(too overwhelming to be swallowed)。若想保住友谊,保持良性竞争就非常重要and避免恶性竞争(unhealthy completion)。The right thing to do, then, is to keep competition positive, if possible at all.

  24. Do you agree of disagree the high school students are required to study many different subjects at the same time or they should study only three or four subjects at a time.


  ① 学习过程更有趣,如果只集中于(focus on)三四门课,学习内容会比较单调,学生可能会失去新鲜感 (lose enthusiasm) 而产生厌倦的情绪,从而无法坚持高效学习。

  ② 扩展知识面 (expand knowledge),找到自己真正感兴趣的点(things they are strongly zealous in),确定自己大学的专业(choose the major in university)。

  ③ 学科之间相互启发, 想法会相互启发,能够使得学生更加创造性地思考和学习(ideas can enlighten each other,which enables students to think and study more creatively)。

  25. Many university students are encouraged to study in those majors, which have an increase of job growth (more needed in the job market) like Science, Technology, Engineering, Math. What are your opinion about to choose those majors instead of what they are interested in? (教育类 利弊分析2016.11.05 )


  ① Interest can help students achieve greater success in their area. 解释:当一个人的专业是其兴趣与未来职业规划的结合体时(a combination of interest and future career plan),这无疑会促使一个人去花比别人更多的时间和努力去钻研自己的专业,那么即便这个专业不是one of the hottest major,学生仍有可能在该领域内获得很好的发展。并且这个学生会因为能够自己感兴趣的事情而感到快乐。(对比论证),相反情况,被迫使选择自己不感兴趣的专业,那么学生很可能一味地很纠结苦恼,并且无法完全沉浸在学习中。最终,即便这些学生学则的时hot major,但不能用心学习,不能在该领域去努力钻也,同样时无法得到好的未来发展的,并且不快乐。

  ② If students choose their interested majors by heart, the social competition tends to be naturally balanced. 解释:如果每个人都一味的去追逐所谓的热门专业,那么该领域的竞争必然会急剧加大(the competition in this major or area must increase dramatically)。这样发展下去(If so,),即便这是个社会需求量大的专业,也会因为人才过多而变得很难找到工作(even if it is a major in demand, it will become highly difficult for graduates to find job due to the superabundant job seekers)。

  ③ 让步:虽然说choosing a hot major seems guarantee a student a more stable future career development, which can be understood that the student might at least find a job for a living (最起码能找到一份谋生的工作). Nonetheless, 个人兴趣对于未来发展的不可忽视的影响(The unignorable influence of personal interest on future development),以及社会大环境的不断变化都应该被更多的考虑在大学专业的选择中。

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